Happy New Year 2017 – Can We Talk?

A New Year: A New Lap

As arbitrary as the beginning of a New Year is, it does mark the start of another rip-roaring lap around our parent star. Our tiny rocky planet travels 584 million miles a year, hurtling around at 67,000 miles per hour. Not bad for a planet whose circumference is only 24,901 miles and has been circumnavigated in less than 100 hours. Even in our Solar System, the planet has some relatively small numbers. amazingly we manage to cram 7,500,000,000 people into the landmass of only 50,500,000 square miles, and that includes all the places that are uninhabitable and very sparsely populated. That’s a lot of people in a very small space.

The Blink of An Eye

The Earth has been whistling along in one form or another for 4,500,000,00 years, a quarter of the age of the universe. Our species has been kicking around the planet for only 200,000 years of that, only seconds ago in relative cosmic terms. We only started chatting 100,000 years ago and the earliest form of writing is only 9,000 years old. The industrial revolution started a mere 250 years ago, with electronic communications sparking into life only 200 years ago. Our wonderful information age breathed into life with the advent of Arpanet in in the 1960’s and became a truly worldwide web in 1980. Amazingly our ability to access and exchange information via mobile devices only appeared in 1992 when the first text message was sent between a computer and a phone. Mobile devices are now ubiquitous and we can share and access knowledge anywhere, at the swipe of a finger.  We have come a long way since the first scratched pebbles were used to aid counting.

Our species has achieved some amazing things in its very short tenure on our little planet whilst we whistle through space in our little orbit around our unremarkable little star. The greatest of our achievements and the one that has enabled all our other advancements is the ability to communicate. We have gone from hunter-gathering, through farming and industrialisation to an awareness of our own impact on the environment and our exploration of the universe that surrounds us. We have found ways to explore our past, analyse our present, and save records for future generations. Truly, we have made some great advancements by communicating and taking the opportunity to share our ideas.

New Year Planet Earth

Look – You’re in the same photo as Hugh Jackman.

Let’s Talk This New Year

Here we are then, at the beginning of 2017. A New Year and, what many people treat as, a new start. The last 12 months have seen some painful losses, horrific tragedy,  terrible fighting, shocking political upheaval, wonderful achievements and heroic acts. 2016 has been a mixed bag, to say the least.  In this New Year,  we have the opportunity to embrace our most significant technological advancement by talking and making it a really good one.

Our planet is tiny, and there’s a lot of us living here so there’s is a great chance we’re going to bump into another human sooner or later.  The Gentlemen of Cornwall Team wish everyone a happy new year and encourage us all to have a chat, see if we can get along and help each other out.

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