Terms and Conditions

About this site.

Gentlemen of Cornwall has been set up with the intention of entertaining, educating and informing it’s visitors and subscribers.  Articles on this site are produced in good faith and on the basis that our research, and information provided to us, is truthful, reliable.and accurate. Where content is a review or opinion piece, we will provide honesty along with courtesy and respect, as far as is practical in the writing of the piece. 

We welcome visitors and members from all parts of the globe.However, the language of this site is English, in particular that of the United Kingdom.  Spell checking, dates and numeric formatting are configured for the UK,  Regrettably, any submissions to this site in other languages will be rejected.

The member forums are visible to all those who have signed up with a login. 

Core Values

Gentlemen of Cornwall holds the values and traditions of the gentlemen in high regard.  We expect our team members, visitors., subscribers and contributors to share our core values and act accordingly.  These core values are put in place to ensure good conduct at all times, and to provide polite, informative discourse among our community. To this end our core values are:

  • Unconditional respect for others.
  • Courtesy at all times
  • Tolerance of opinions and beliefs, and the right of others to hold a different view.
  • Notwithstanding the above, we do not tolerate misogyny, racism, or bigotry of any kind.
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Generosity, especially of knowledge and time.

Subscribers and Contributor Conduct

  • Polite and friendly language is encouraged.  Use of bad language, profanity, personal insults, bigotry and misogyny will not be tolerated.
  • Dispute’s are premitted, and encouraged in the pursuit of the acquisition of knowledge and the refinement of long-standing beliefs.  We support the right of everyone to a valid, legal opinion, and the right for others to disagree with that opinion.
  • Discussion of religion and politics is permitted, with the caveat that respect be given to, and by, all members of the conversation.  Members should also be mindful that content may be viewed by the public, and by other members not directly involved in the conversation.
  • The exchange of knowledge is actively encouraged.  Gentlemen of Cornwall team members and community members should consider the sharing of knowledge as a core value of all modern gentlemen, and should seek to educate and mentor where solicited and if appropriate to do so.

Unwelcome behaviour and Illegal Practices.

Where the upholding of core values is in dispute, accounts may be put on hold pending further investigation.  If the investigation reveals what we consider to be a breach of our core values, the originator(s) of the dispute will be notified of their transgression, and expected behaviour in the future.  Multiple transgressions or single transgressions deemed severe enough, will result in the users account being locked without the chance of future reinstatement.  Where transgressions are deemed to be in contravention of UK law, the police will be notified.  We will also provide support to the police on the receipt of correct legal instruction.


Anyone who feels aggrieved is encouraged to contact us with details.  We will treat all reports of such with respect and discretion.  Our goal will be to mediate and resolve disputes rather than take punitive action, unless the complaint is about a breach of our core values, or contravene the laws of the United Kingdom.  

Where the complaint is about an article, review or opinion piece written by our editorial team, we will endeavour to resolve the complaint by way of explanation and may, if we deem the complaint valid, make changes to the content to resolve the complaint.  Where deemed necessary, and in line with our core values, the complaint may be acknowledged and, if appropriate, apologies may be published as footnotes to the specific article.  

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions without notice.  We make use of this right when new laws come into effect, better explanations are warranted, or to support changes to the functionality, content or ownership of the site and/or it’s parent business.