Your Data

Personal data, identifiable to an individual, remains your property.  We are dedicated to ensuring your private data remains safe.   We will not use your personally identifiable data unless you have given permission to do so, or have taken actions on our website to make it publicly available.  On occassion, we may seek your explicit permission to publish some of your personal data, or to provide it to a thrid party  We will not do this unless you have agreed to do so, and have stipulated which information can be released.  This permission may be sought either by direct contact from us (email, phone call) or by you agreeing to terms and conditions for a particular activity.  For example, membership of Forums will require the publication of a preferred nickname, and avatar, plus any content you post.  Additionally, competitions run on the website, through social media, or by any other means, may require that you allow publication of some of the personally identifiable information of the winner(s) as part of the terms and condition so of that particular event.

Your data is held on UK based internet servers but in the provision of some services, for example if you sign up to newsletter email subscriptions, may be held on the servers of service providors (ie mailchimp and survey monkey).  The control of personally identifiable data on our servers is governed by UK Law.

Anonymous Data

We may use anonymous data, that which is not idendtifiable to a named individual, for research, market analysis and the provision of anonymous data reports to our business partners.  At no point in time will we provide data that can be linked to an individual.  The provision of such marketing data goes some way to funding our website, promotions, competitions and free services to our members.

We use Google Analytics and website cookies to gather and collate anonymous user information.  This information is used to monitor the behaviour of our website, success of content and functionality, and in identifying new markets and interests.

Submitted Content

In line with our copyright statement, any content provided by members becomes licensed to us on a perpetual, royalty free basis.  This means that, whilst you retain the copyright for your work, the action of publishing it on our website grants us permission to show it and to continue to do so.  We have put this in place so that, even if an account is terminated by a user, the tone and logic flow of a conversation remains intact.  In the case of a full article being submiteed by a member with sufficient permission, the license to use it is vital to maintain the integrity of the website, and to maintain the integrity of links to and from the article, from both internal and external sources.

Legal Requirements.

Where UK law, or a court order, require us to surrender personal information, we, as a law abiding UK business, will be required to provide it.  Only information specifically requiested will be provided.

Further Information

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about how your data is used, please feel free to contact us via our website contact form.