measuring tape

Tinker, Tailor

There are three people in life who will be brutally honest with you. Your partner, your bank manager and your tailor. These people will, without any question, be honest with you. The tailors role is one of consultancy. They will listen to what you want

Traditional Shave Kit

Cutting It Fine – The Traditional Shave

Being a self-declared rebel against fashion, I’ve bucked the trend for the full on “hipster unkempt facial bushiness” that is charging through the UK.  I was a bit “beardy”, but I’m now clean-shaven and well-groomed, and have been for a couple of years now.  Until recently

Beers at The Front with Matt

The Front – A Proper Beer Pub in Falmouth

Choosing a pub used to be simple affair.  You went to the pub your friends went to,  when it was open.  That was pretty much it.  Then the “theme” revolution happened.  Hundreds of traditional pubs were re-branded as sports bars, wine bars and food pubs,