Men Rock Shaving Products

Men Rock Shaving Products Review

The folk at Men Rock recently invited us to review a selection of their product range, namely their 2 main shaving creams and a shaving brush. As always, we jumped at the chance to try a new product so for the last week or so,

Bluebeards Revenge Shaving at the harbour

Bluebeard’s Revenge Shaving Review

The Bluebeard’s Revenge¬†– the shaving range Once again our halls have been blessed with new shaving products to try out, this time from The Bluebeard’s Revenge. We’ve already had the pleasure of test-driving their excellent shavette but, this time, we get to enjoy a complete

x-cat racing boat

Falmouth Powerboat Festival 2017

Powerboat racing is coming to Falmouth When we think of a powerboat racing against another you could be forgiven for fostering the image of a James Bond chase scene. Powerful engines, tight corners, rooster-tails and fast boats skipping over the water have always been an

Cornerstone Subscription Shaving Service

Cornerstone Shaving Subscription Service

Following on from our article on Shaving Subscription Services, Cornerstone very kindly provided a starter pack for Gentlemen of Cornwall to review. From the get go, Cornerstone are clearly out to impress and show that they care about their client base. The packaging is superb