Atkinsons 1799 Shaving Range – Indulgent Decadence

A recent visit to the Scentstore in Truro saw us rewarded with samples of the Atkinsons 1799 male grooming range to try out and review.  We are always keen to  enjoy new experiences and were delighted to sample such a well-established and notable British Brand.   Atkinsons 1799 has over 200 years of pedigree, and close association with the Royal Court of England as well as worldwide aristocracy.   It’s not every day that one gets to  test-drive the shave of kings and princes.  Over to Stuart, our resident shaving expert, for an in-depth review of the Akinsons 1799 gentleman’s grooming range.

Atkinsons 1799 Pre and Post Shave Balm

Used as a pre-shave, Atkinsons 1799 Shave Balm pre-loads the skin with moisture, whilst helping to soften the beard bristles.  The Balm provides a protective layer for the skin and a good level of lubrication to help you razor slide easily and cut the hairs cleanly. The balm is delicately  scented with the 24 Old Bond Street English Cologne,  gently stimulating the senses and adding an air of luxury and sophistication ahead of your shave.

As a post-shave, the balm is light and creamy without being greasy.  It is readily absorbed into the skin  leaving the face feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.  The astringent effects of the balm are noticeable on any nicks or grazes, but soon subsides leaving the face fresh and clean.   Remarkably the effects of the balm last for many hours after the shave, with the face feeling smooth and refreshed for a good part of the day.

Atkinsons 1799 Pre and Post Shave Balm

Atkinsons 1799 Shaving Cream

The soft cream can be readily whipped into a rich, thick lather using any shaving brush, or it can be applied directly to the face with the fingers.  The cream provides the perfect glide for any razor, easily protecting the skin underneath, offering a close shave whilst helping to lift the bristles  and keep the skin hydrated during shaving.  This is due in no small part to the creams ability to retain water and remain slick throughout the shave without drying out.  This proved to be particularly beneficial when using a straight razor due to the extra time one must take to avoid cuts and nicks when using a naked, surgically sharp blade.

The light, uplifting scent works well with the Atkinsons Pre/Post shave balm enhancing the overall shaving experience without overwhelming the senses.  The shaving cream provides the perfect glide and  works well with  multi-blade cartridges,  traditional safety razors, and even the classic straight-razor.
Atkinsons 1799 Shaving Cream

Atkinsons 1799 Eau de Cologne

The scent has a light, subtle and clean citrus note with hints of spice.  Fresh and masculine without overwhelming the nose, the Eau de Cologne rounds off the Atkinsons 1799 shaving experience very nicely and is a great way to set up for the day.   As with all the finest colognes, less is more.  A small spritz on the inside of each wrist, and just behind the ears is ample to send a subtle scent of invitation.  Leave the vulgar assault on the senses for cheap brands; subtlety is the key and is the mark of a modern gentleman.

Atkinsons 1799 Gentleman’s Male Grooming Range – Luxurious Value For Money.

All the products in the range work very well together without competing aromas. The shaving products have been very well designed to protect and hydrate the skin whilst working to provide a stunningly close shave and exceptionally smooth finish. At every point during and after the shave, the skin feels fresh, protected and very well cared for as well as enjoying the stimulating fragrance provided by the 23 Old Bond Street English Cologne.

Whilst some may initially balk at the price, it’s a truism that we pay for quality.  The Atkinsons range is of the upmost distinction, with an air of class and regality seldom encountered in the day to day grooming of the modern gentleman.  With such fineness of product, only the smallest amounts are required to enjoy the shave of royalty and British nobility.  Hands down, using Atkinsons 1799 shaving products has been one of the best shaves I have ever had, and the best of one of life’s simple pleasures.

For me, the Atkinsons 1799 male grooming range is an experience to be held in reserve for those special events and notable evenings, in the same vein as a fine aged single malt, or a choice cigar and brandy.  With so many great products on the market aimed at the traditional shave, it’s always good to have a spattering of pure indulgence tucked temptingly inside of your bathroom cabinet.

Atkinsons 1799 Gents Grooming

Where to Find Atkinsons 1799 Gentleman’s Grooming Products

Without question shopping on the internet has made our lives easier, but there are some brands that need to be sampled and experienced as part of the enjoyment of buying them. You could go online and order the Atkinsons 1799 products, but I think you would be doing yourself a disservice. Atkinsons 1799 is pretty selective about the boutiques allowed to sell it’s products. Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls and, luckily for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Cornwall, the Scentstore. We’ve already reviewed the Truro-based experts of perfumery and gentleman’s grooming and so can heartily recommend a visit to discover the wonderful 23 Old Bond Street English Cologne scent.

Whilst you’re there, definitely ask to sample Atkinsons 1799 Oud Save The King gentleman’s eau de parfum. It’s a uniquely opulent and extravagant scent worthy of your time. It’s a personal favourite, and will feature in an article in the near future.

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