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Gentleman learning to play the piano

Learn Music – The Piano

The Piano – A Logical Instrument. In the introduction to our series on learning music I touched upon the virtues of learning an instrument and the incredible choices available to those who wish to embark on this endeavour.  In this article I take a look

Quincy Jones Playground Sessions Product Review

Learn The Piano – Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions – The Facts Co-created by music legend Quincy Jones, Playground Sessions comes from a team of musicians and developers with a clear and focused passion for sharing the joy of playing music, and making it accessible to all! Playground Sessions is downloaded as

sheet music

Appreciate The Music

Music – The Universal Language For many of us, music is a vital part of our everyday lives. Music wakes us in the morning, brightens our commute, accompanies us when we exercise and acts as the social glue on a night out. More than simply

Automata at Birmingham Museum depicting a gun factory - wtih Matt Smith

Automata – Sculpture, Design And Engineering Combine

A gentleman appreciates the beauty of art, the ingenuity of engineering and the aesthetics of design.   We see these traits combined in elegant motor cars and iconic architecture. but to get a really traditional aspect one only has to look at the art of

Jools Holland - Sirens of Song

Sirens of Song – Jools Holland

Jools Holland’s Sirens of Song takes us on a musical exploration of some of the finest contemporary female artists with blinding cover versions and exciting interpretations.