Dress Watches from Infinity Timepieces

There’s no denying it, selecting a watch is a tricky affair.  With choices between, diver, aviator, chronograph, sports, digital and now smart it’s a wonder that so many of us think we can get by with just one watch.   Thankfully, though, companies such as UK-based Infinity Timepieces still focus on the minimalist elegance and traditional style of the dress watch.

Classic Watches from Infinity Timepieces

With a very classy doff of the hat to a more cultivated era, the watches from the Infinity Timepieces Timeless Collection exude style through understated simplicity. These are dress watches, pure and simple.  Their purpose, aside from giving a hint as to  the time, is to subtly complement one’s attire without overshadowing any particular element.   The uncomplicated and refined designs of these dress watches are enough to show restrained, considered style without looking showy or ostentatious.  A perfect balance for a gentleman more concerned with style than fashion or bling.
infinity-timepieces-timeless-collection-timepiece-worth-a-shotInfinity Timepieces use Japanese movement in most of their watches.  Also knownas quartz movement,  their watches run on a battery.    The cases are made of stainless steel and are water resistant to a pressure of 3 atmospheres.  Don’t mistake this for depth, these are not divers watches, even water falling from a shower exerts a higher pressure.  But as these are dress watches, so we really aren’t thinking they should be combined with sportswear or extreme activities.   These pieces are finished with tough mineral glass, aniline leather and , depending on the model,  the case and buckle are coloured in stainless steel, or with a rose gold tint.

Infinity Timepieces were kind enough to send us a sample watch in the shape of their Rose Gold/Chestnut piece from the Timeless Collection.  Ed MacDonald looks over the dress watch.

Review of Infinity Timepieces Timeless Collection Rose Gold/Chestnut piece

The watch comes carefully packaged in a strong, white box, simply adorned with the Infinity Logo There’s no denying that the care a brand takes in its packaging and presentation adds an air of superior quality,  Good packaging signals that what lies within might well be something very special and I wasn’t disappointed.


The watch is slender, with a large, easy to read face.  No squinting to tell the time after that 3rd Martini.  The piece has only an hour and minute hand, which is all that a gentleman should need on an evening out.  The simple rose-gold hour marks finish the white face which bears the elegant Infinity logo. The strap is quality leather, stitched  carefully,  with a slight and pleasing patina and  a buckle tastefully engraved with the brand.    The watch bezel and case are finished with the rose gold tint which we found to be very pleasing and more subtle than a pure gold colour would be.  My only disappointment was with the engraved markings on the battery cover, which is a little off centre.

Infinity Timepiece with cufflinks

The watch matched very well with classic cuffs and cufflinks and will certainly become a part of my evening wardrobe.  I did feel a certain delight in how well the watch finished off the evening attire.  Being a gentleman of  a large wrist, I would have liked the  option for a longer strap, if only to make use of both strap loops.  That said, the strap buckled easily, and felt secure and safe on my wrist.


There’s no doubt that the Infinity Timepieces brand is concerned with the traditional elegance and eternal style sought after by the classic gentlemen of the world, and they achieve it with ease and grace.  At the same time, the brand embraces modernity, not just with the quartz movement but with the way in which they embrace web technology.  How many other brands do you know that ask you to activate your guarantee by posting a photo of your new dress watch on Instagram? Marvellous!


No need to empty the Swiss Bank Account Just Yet

Remarkably, the retail price for our particular piece is just shy of £60.00.  Collectors of timepieces normally concern themselves with hunting down luxury brands and premium models.  The Infinity range, though, is aimed at the Gentlemen who are concerned with classic style and refined elegance.  The fact one doesn’t have to take out a small mortgage to achieve this is one of the best surprises I have received all year. There are other ranges and models, but none of them exceeding £100.00 retail and can be found on the Infinity Timepieces website.

With such classic style at affordable prices, it seems perfectly within reach of most gentlemen to attain that most distinct joy of owning a number of watches.  I’ll  certainly looking to purchase another watch from Infinity Timepieces.

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  1. Stuart Last says:

    Great article Ed. It’s wonderful to see classic style and elegance is still available in dress watches, and at such a reasonable price too.

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