Sirens of Song – Jools Holland

Its not every day one comes across an album that uplifts, surprises and reveals an unknown side to artists already renowned in their own genre. Sirens of Song is one such album that, by virtue of it’s collabrations alone, bears consideration as a playlist star. Jools Holland, famed as Squeeze’s pianist, hootenanny host, and highly gifted musician and band leader, pulls together some of musics most talented ladies to perform some extremely well executed covers.

The tracks gleefully toy with styles, leaping joyfully from swing to blues, and teasing the listener with jazz and rockabilly. Every song is arranged beautifully, and executed with Jools’ trademark blend of fun, playfulness and accomplishment. Tracks that caught our ears in particular are Kylie Minogue’s sultry and very sexy cover of The Clashes “Should I stay or Should I Go”, the late Amy Winehouse’s energetic and happy cover of Monkey Man, and last, but by no means least, Mel C’s pumping, grooving,  fully funked up cover of Stevie Wonder’s I Wish.

This album is a showcase of female vocal talents, and Jools Holland”s gift for musical arrangements and performance. As ever he gets the very best from the artists he collaborates with leaving us with a musical treat to savour. Whether you like the genres included or not, we recommend you give this album a good listen to, and find your own favorite tracks.

Sirens of Song is available on CD, vinyl, Spotify and iTunes

3 thoughts on “Sirens of Song – Jools Holland”

  1. Ed MacDonald says:

    This album has become the go-to album when I want a mood lift. So much fun and energy, plus the music is really great. Thanks for the recommendation Gents of Cornwall.

  2. mandyhb says:

    Thank you for mentioning this wonderful album, after I’d read your review I listened to the album and it’s everything you said it would be. I’m not usually a fan of cover albums but this is great. Jules Holland and his artists have produced some great covers and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of them.

    1. Concierge says:

      Hi Mandyhb,

      Thanks for your comment. We think this album is one of the high points of Jools’ career to date. Any favourite tracks?

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