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Gentlemen of Cornwall exercises it’s right to claim moral and legal copyright over site content media and code, where that media, content or code has been generated by us.  Where copyrighted materials have been provided or sourced from other copyright holders, the copyright remains with them.

Use of copyright material.

Gentlemen of Cornwall withholds the license to use our copyrighted materials in complete form, or in derivative works unless explicit and specific permission has been granted by us..  Enquiries regarding the use of our copyrighted materials should be made directly to us, using our contact form on this website.

Submitted content

Gentlemen of Cornwall respects the intellectual property of members of the public who submit or publish content via our community pages, or via other commincation methods.  Whilst the copyright will remain with the originator, we assume a perpetual, royalty free license to use the copyrighted materials in all forms of media in the pursuit of our business goals.  This license to use such copyrighted materials remains in place even after cancellation of accounts by the originator.  Any members of the public who are not willing to agree to these terms should not make content available to us.

We do not extend the license outsde of Gentlemen of Cornwall without explicit permission provided by the copyright holder.  Parties wishing to make use of such materials should contact us, and we will pass the request on to the originator.  We will not  make contact details known unless specifically authorised to do so by the copyright holder.

Fair Use

We exercise our right, under UK copyright law, to make fair use of copyrighted materials in the pursuit of our editorial content.  Whilst copyrighted materials may appear on our site, we are admant that the copyright of such matrerials remains with the originating copyright holder, We do not extend the right to use materials used under this fair use policy to any third parties.  Thrid parties wishing to make use of such materials should contact the copyright originater for permission to do so.