Gentleman learning to play the piano

Learn Music – The Piano

The Piano – A Logical Instrument. In the introduction to our series on learning music I touched upon the virtues of learning an instrument and the incredible choices available to those who wish to embark on this endeavour.  In this article I take a look

Quincy Jones Playground Sessions Product Review

Learn The Piano – Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions – The Facts Co-created by music legend Quincy Jones, Playground Sessions comes from a team of musicians and developers with a clear and focused passion for sharing the joy of playing music, and making it accessible to all! Playground Sessions is downloaded as

sheet music

Appreciate The Music

Music – The Universal Language For many of us, music is a vital part of our everyday lives. Music wakes us in the morning, brightens our commute, accompanies us when we exercise and acts as the social glue on a night out. More than simply

New Year Fireworks

Happy New Year 2017 – Can We Talk?

A New Year: A New Lap As arbitrary as the beginning of a New Year is, it does mark the start of another rip-roaring lap around our parent star. Our tiny rocky planet travels 584 million miles a year, hurtling around at 67,000 miles per

Courtesy - realxing after dinner in black tie

The Benefit of Courtesy

Courtesy has its benefits Gentlemen, the world over, are encouraged to display courtesy in all walks of life.  From simple “please” and “thank you”,  to dealing with conflict in a proper fashion, courtesy is a cornerstone of the ethics of a modern gentleman.  Have you ever


Dress Watches from Infinity Timepieces

There’s no denying it, selecting a watch is a tricky affair.  With choices between, diver, aviator, chronograph, sports, digital and now smart it’s a wonder that so many of us think we can get by with just one watch.   Thankfully, though, companies such as

Atkinsons 1799 Gents Grooming

Atkinsons 1799 Shaving Range – Indulgent Decadence

A recent visit to the Scentstore in Truro saw us rewarded with samples of the Atkinsons 1799 male grooming range to try out and review.  We are always keen to  enjoy new experiences and were delighted to sample such a well-established and notable British Brand.  

Mariner Jack Beard Care Gift Box

Mariner Jack – Facial Hair the Cornish Way

With Movember in full swing and Christmas just around the corner, this seems the ideal time to talk about Mariner Jack grooming products. Placed unapologetically in the more hirsute and follically fulsome beard and moustache market, Mariner Jack is here to support your facial growth.

Movember 2016 Promotional Logos

Movember 2016 – Make Mo Not War

Movember 2016 Over the last 6 years Movember has become a vital part of the charity calendar. The Movember 2016 campaign is in full swing and with it a chance to cast away old rivalries and embrace the common ground of men’s health. Make Mo